Original Snake Guides

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Fly Guide Spacing Chart

Snake Brand Original snake guides are formed from high quality stainless steel. The feet are consistent in length for even thread wrapping. They sit flat on the rod thus saving you time from twisting and bending. Eliminate grinding and filing so you do not damage the integrity of the stainless steel and the coating.

Note: Black Nickel finish is not recommended for saltwater use.

Size Chart for Original and Universal Guides
wire diameters
guide size standard
light wire
loop diameters
2/0 .022" / 0.56 mm
1/0 .024" / 0.61 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .160" / 4.06 mm
1 .026" / 0.66 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .175" / 4.44 mm
2 .028" / 0.71 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .191" / 4.85 mm
3 .030" / 0.76 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .212" / 5.38 mm
4 .032" / 0.81 mm .026" / 0.66 mm .038" / 0.97 mm .257" / 6.52 mm
5 .032" / 0.81 mm .038" / 0.97 mm .342" / 8.68 mm
6 .032" / 0.81 mm .038" / 0.97 mm .365" / 9.27 mm
Industry Testimonial
"After 25 years of searching and hoping my prayers are finally answered! Thank you. It doesn't get any better than this [The Snake Brand Guides] wrap like a dream, no guide preparation, perfect alignment, the right look in profile and wire size and extremely durable. You have set the benchmark for the industry. [They are] a beautiful compliment and enhancement to our rods."
Glenn Brackett
Sweetgrass Rods
Industry Testimonial
I have been in the rod business for almost 40 years first at Winston Rod Co. then at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths. From the beginning my goal was to produce the best rods. Creating the very best depends so much on suppliers of products you don't make yourself. From the beginning snake guides were always a problem particularly on our bamboo rods. Mike and Susan McCoy of Snake Brand Guides designed and created snake guides that are perfect. They are light wire to reduce weight, the feet are a good length and, most importantly, even in length. The feet of the guides are properly tapered so wrapping is easy. In addition, they have a beautiful form. If you want the best guides these are the ones.
Tom Morgan, Owner
Tom Morgan Rodsmiths
Snake Guides
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