Reel Seats - Aluminum

Reel Seats - Aluminum

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In 1994 I started working on Snake Brands' snake guides. I knew that weight affected even the best designed rods and with this in mind I introduced our original design. It was at this time I determined that each guide should have its own wire diameter to compliment its placement on the rod blank, this was an Industry First.

I had always wanted to offer to our valued customers a complete offering of components from the tip top to the snake guides to the winding check and hook keeper and now the reel seat that could be color matched.

Service Options

If you'd like to choose your reel seat from a selection, select either the 3-Pack or Photo Selection service (above).

  • 3-Pack Service: We'll ship three (3) wood inserts. You will then select the one you like best and mail the other two back to us.
  • Photo Selection Service: We'll select three (3) wood inserts from the chosen wood species, take photos, send you photos so you can choose the reel seat you prefer.

We are presently pleased to offer three reel seat designs that are elegant in design. They feature contoured radiuses, accent lines and beautiful rope knurling. This is the perfect blend of functionality and beauty. Reel Seat specifications are as follows:

Type Seat Length O.D. Bore
Uplocking threaded barrel with round insert 3.465" .640" .420"
Uplocking threaded barrel with round insert 3.500" .705" .420"

The perfect compliment to our reel seat designs are our wood inserts. Mother Nature creates unique and one of a kind pieces of wood, though some may be similar there are no two that are a perfect match. All of our wood inserts are stabilized. The wood inserts that we offer are:

Black Ash Burl
The burl is similar to maple but has tighter eye patterns. It comes in a rich coffee color in the heart wood and creamy white tones in the sapwood. I am eager to dye some of this wood in the near future.

Buckeye Burl
Buckeye is unique with its marbleized patterns and beautiful eyes. The color tones range from spectacular yellows to blue-grey tones to yellows with black and solid creamy yellow. Our dyed buckeye is just stunning.

Because of minerals in the soil this burl when dyed can yield green tones and swirled marble plum tones with hints of black. The finished inserts have an almost translucent quality.

English Walnut
Some of the finest shotguns ever made feature this wood. Having spent time cutting into trunks of trees searching for the pieces with swirls that are highly figured pieces I can state that almost all of the good trees have been cut for their burls which are sent to Spain to be peeled for high end veneers. We will be able to offer these pieces for a short time as most of the really good trees have been cut in the last twenty years.

Maple Burl
We offer highly figured maple burl, spalted maple and dyed maple. Maple burl when dyed features beautiful eye patterns with a plum coloration throughout the figuring.

Redwood Burl and Flamed Redwood
This is an amazing wood, it yields reddish brown tones with dark eyes. I first saw this wood in custom knife handles and I knew that I must find this wood to offer it to our valued customers. I later found the Flamed Redwood, it has rich warm tones coupled with the beautiful golden banding that picks up light in every direction is truly unique.

When I look at the first rod that I built my only regret is that I wished someone could have offered me wood of this quality.

A Custom Built Fly Rod Deserves Only The Finest Components Available.

I am confident that you folks can take this and run with it.

Note: Black Nickel finish is not recommended for saltwater use.

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