Universal Snake Guides - SPEY - Heavy Wire

Universal Snake Guides - SPEY - Heavy Wire

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Here at Snake Brand one of the most important things we do is to listen to the input of our customers.  

We were encouraged by some of our customers who build significant quantities of two-handed rods to look at the possibility of increasing the wire diameter of our three largest guides.  We made countless calls and solicited input from our customers, the consensus was that all encouraged us to increase the wire diameter from .032 to .038.   The increase in wire diameter would not affect performance in any way and would allow shooting heads to travel through the guides at a faster line speed which allows for more distance due to the guide design.

We are pleased to announce that the first run of guides are being plated in Black Nickel and will be available after Christmas.  Our second run of Spey Guides will be coated in our Proprietary Ecoating as it is the fastest guide to be introduced to the market.

Note: Black Nickel finish is not recommended for saltwater use.

Size Chart for Original and Universal Guides
wire diameters
guide size standard
light wire
loop diameters
2/0 .022" / 0.56 mm
1/0 .024" / 0.61 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .160" / 4.06 mm
1 .026" / 0.66 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .175" / 4.44 mm
2 .028" / 0.71 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .191" / 4.85 mm
3 .300" / 0.76 mm .024" / 0.61 mm .212" / 5.38 mm
4 .032" / 0.81 mm .026" / 0.66 mm .038" / 0.97 mm .257" / 6.52 mm
5 .032" / 0.81 mm .038" / 0.97 mm .342" / 8.68 mm
6 .032" / 0.81 mm .038" / 0.97 mm .365" / 9.27 mm
Industry Testimonial
Built on the premise that “weight is a deterrent to performance,” using the latest in materials, componentry and design, EDGE fly rods are sure to please his fans of old and new.  Due to this evolution, these are Gary Loomis pinnacle builds thus far.  The decision to use Made in USA, Mike McCoy Snake Guides was an easy one.  They are light and their low profile and small concave foot, not only minimizes the amount of epoxy needed thus reducing weight and optimizing the taper design, it requires less thread in the wrapping process. Additionally, the proprietary E-coating allows the line to slip through with ease.  All of these elements, reduce weight and in doing so, add performance.  That, in conjunction with the subtle elegance and function added by our selection of gorgeous, Made in USA, Mike McCoy, Natural Buckeye reel seats, our hand-sanded, naked graphite blanks are a stunning and sleek fly rod for those looking for function and beauty.

EDGE will keep pushing beyond, making Made in USA products and using as many other like-minded companies and products in our pursuits.   How fortunate we are to have a partner just down the road to contribute to our offerings.
Gary Loomis Owner
Nicole Darland | Vice President Global Marketing & Brand Development
Edge Rods
North Fork Composites
Customer Testimonial
I just wanted to thank you for the set of guides you sent me. The black nickel universal snakes. I have been assembling my own rods for 25 years and have never used snake brand guides but I will only used then from now on. They are the finest guides I have ever seen. I have used H&H, Perfection, Re coil, and Pac Bay and yours are by far the best.
Lanny DeRose
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